"There Are Many Genders!": A Comic about Nonbinary Genders

Genderqueer artist & student Ela Thompson drew this handy comic to remind us: GENDER IS ENDLESS!


"What Even Is Gender 101?" by Ela Thompson

Comic text: Hello, friends! Did you know gender isn't limited to the binary boy/girl? There are MANY genders!

Your gender identity lives in your head! It's a private sense that only you can experience. :)

No matter what someone looks like, you can't tell what gender they are. So ask for pronouns! [he, she, they, ze, etc.]

Gender is like a plane from your mathematics class... And there are ENDLESS combinations!

"Genderqueer" is [an] umbrella term for non-binary genders.

Many people don't know about non-binary genders, so they don't identify with them.

So if this PSA sparked your interest, feel free to do more research on gender identity!


Header photo courtesy of Flickr.