Meet Aysia Law

AOG 1st Choice.jpg

In 2013, Aysia was named the inaugural Youth Poet Laureate of Victoria, and was the first Youth Poet Laureate appointed in Canada.

Aysia has been volunteering since the age of eleven in a variety of settings; including a youth and family substance abuse centre in Burnaby, helping out an LGBTQ youth drop-in program in Vancouver, and volunteering as facilitator for another such drop-in program in Victoria under South Island Pride. This lead Aysia to start up a queer and allied youth writing group that they have been running in Victoria since 2012, called Queer Quills.

While Aysia 's own identity has always been a bit of a mystery, unfolding facets of itself only on its own time, they have found an anchor in their writing, and in their ability to connect with other youth who are facing similar struggles.

Aysia has come to know theirself best through their work, and believes that creating art – through any medium and at any level – especially in a nurturing, safe, inclusive and nonjudgmental environment is vital to building one’s identity and discovering one’s true voice.