LGBTQ Role-Model Alert! *ANGELICA ROSS* - Transgender Techie

This month, let's applaud ANGELICA ROSS, a trans woman of color who's blazed a trail for transgender people in technology!

Angelica founded a nonprofit, TransTech, to train trans people in web coding and graphic design, so they'd have job skills to earn income with.

As a trans man myself, I find it inspiring when other transgender people, like Angelica, figure out creative solutions to issues that harm trans communities -- such as unemployment, poverty, and homelessness.


This is what Angelica told me in an interview for The Advocate

"TransTech emerged from my story, [which] is the same story for so many trans women of color. When I began my transition, I was fired from my job, estranged from my family, and introduced to sex work and the adult industry."

After that setback, Angelica decided to teach herself web coding and graphic design, and was able to become successfully self-employed as a freelancer.

"Over the course of 10 years … I discovered technology as a path to independence for trans people. I no longer had to face on-the-job discrimination and harassment if I didn't want to," she explained. "I could log-in and make money without people caring about what I look or sound like."

TransTech sounds like a fantastic idea, and I'm excited to see what comes from Angelica in the future. You can support her work here


Photos courtesy of Joey Grant from TransTech. Header photo by Myles Brady.