Meet Zachary Mallory

Zachary 1

As a member of the LGBTQ community, Zachary has been involved and active in advocacy since they were 14 years old.

Zachary first got involved by going to a gay pride festival in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2014, Zachary was selected by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network) to rally in Washington D.C. for the passing of the Safe Schools Improvement Act. Shortly after, Zachary was nominated for a received the HALO Effect Award which stands for Helping and Leading Others from Nickelodeon for their involvement with suicide prevention amongst LGBTQ youth.

With Zachary’s most recent award, the Spirit of Matthew Award from the Matthew Shepard Foundation for erasing hate and discrimination amongst our communities, they were recently selected to be a National Youth Ambassador with the Human Rights Campaign.

In the next couple years, Zachary will continue to work alongside other advocates and youth leaders to make sure LGBTQ voices remain heard and our stories are continued to be told.