Meet M.H.

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M.H. is the founder of SGRainbow, a gay, bisexual and queer (GBQ) youth group for men ages 18 to 35 years old in Singapore. SGRainbow is currently the only platform for GBQ youth in Singapore that provides a platform for personal and social development through its programmes.

M.H. started SGRainbow back in 2009 when he personally experienced the difficulty in finding LGBTQ friends who he could talk to and share common interests with. As a start-up group, M.H. used the platform as a place to find people who could help him in this cause. He managed to gain the interest of several volunteers, inspired them and discussed the vision he has with the group. From there, MH brought SGRainbow to life.

So far, SGRainbow has organized a total of 50 programmes ranging from talks, to workshops, and social programmes. None of these could have happen without the support of the organizations, his team members and the community as a whole.

*Please note: For concerns around safety, we have not used M.H.'s full name and haven't shown pictures with his likeness.