Meet Margaret Patterson

Photo Credit: Amy Mallon - Visual Communication Design Student

Photo Credit: Amy Mallon - Visual Communication Design Student

Margaret is dedicated to ensuring that the LGBTQ community on campus feels safe, and that individuals are given the opportunity to connect with others, express themselves freely, and create long lasting memories during their time at university.

After moving this past summer to Calgary, Margaret became heavily involved with the LGBTQ community on their university’s campus. They started volunteering at the University of Calgary’s Q Centre as a Peer Support Volunteer at the start of the school year, and accepted into a Leadership Volunteer position later that year. This position recognized the time and commitment Margaret was giving to the Centre. It provided them an opportunity to form long-lasting relationships with other students, and learn about the structure and complexity of student supports on campus.

Margaret also got involved with Queers on Campus, a University of Calgary student club. They joined the Jr. Executive program in September, and after a few months was asked to be co-chair for next year.

Currently, Margaret is in the University of Calgary’s Women Studies program and will continue their passion for activism and leadership within the queer community as a new co-chair for Queers on Campus. They are becoming more active with LGBTQ organizations off campus, and hope to increase this involvement with the community as they move forward in their education.