Meet Landyn Pan

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Landyn’s LGBTQ activism work has included running their high school’s GSA club, fundraising for LGBTQ youth film programs, involvement in advisory boards at their college, and more.

Landyn is the Development and Creative Director of Trans Student Educational Resources, a non-profit with the goal of improving the educational landscape for transgender and gender non-conforming students K-college. Landyn joined TSER in January 2013 as a graphic designer. It began as a small online-based organization with just three people. Landyn’s creation of popular infographics on topics such as school bullying statistics, LGBTQ youth homelessness, and why parental support matters have been published on major websites like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, and was the beginning of what drove TSER to national prominence. Landyn’s most popular graphic, The Gender Unicorn, is published in several college level textbooks, middle school level sex- education books, and as a children’s colouring page.

Landyn not only designs but also oversees the production of all TSER creative material. TSER gives a variety of workshops at conferences and universities nationwide. Two that Landyn personally wrote are - “What’s Wrong With Rights”, which dissects the non-profit industrial complex, critiques the effectiveness of anti-discrimination and hate crime legislation, and gives examples of transformative justice models, and “Visual Artivism”, where participants first learn how social/political messages and change is created through various visual art mediums and end with a group brainstorm/art idea share.

Seeing TSER grow has been one of Landyn’s greatest accomplishments. Today, TSER has 30 active leaders around the country and are able to operate on generous donations and grants. Landyn knows that the community they’ve built together at TSER will be long lasting.