Who We Are

We’re a non-profit that offers community awards to LGBTQ youth that celebrate their accomplishments and commitment to bettering the LGBTQ community.


What We Do

We bring people together to recognize leaders in the LGBTQ community, empower our next generation of LGBTQ leaders, and help tell each other’s stories.


Why We Do It

We believe that sharing the acts of greatness happening in our communities every day can inspire others to even greater acts. 

Meet Our Champions

The importance of empowerment

Empowerment is about controlling one’s own life. It’s about being able to create an individual identity, being able to participate equally in all parts of society, and it’s about having a say in the decisions that impact you.

Today we can support one another and amplify each other’s stories on a scale like never before. Let’s empower LGBTQ youth to speak loudly about and be celebrated for their achievements.

That’s why we created Acts of Greatness.