Meet Colby Lindeburg 


Colby has always taken an interest in the protection and well being of others, in particular the oppressed. 

After coming out in June 2013, Colby has taken a heightened interest in activism and the construction of progressive discussion within the LGBTQ community. His interest in standing up for social justice really came through when he joined Bishop Carroll’s Spectrum Club, the first GSA structured club in the Calgary Catholic School District. Since joining the club in January 2015, Colby has been part of two anti-slur campaigns with the goal of eliminating the use of damaging slurs. After his first year as a member of Spectrum Club, Colby has since joined the executive board of Spectrum. As a member of the executive board, he is responsible for attending executive meetings once every two weeks where the planning of fundraisers and educational opportunities take place, as well as running club meetings every other week. The topics of club wide meetings Colby has run include: Gender Roles, Combatting Homophobia and Transphobia, and Coming out. In particular, Colby had a focus on maintaining a safe space for his fellow queer students, and ensuring that they had the support that they needed.

Colby has now graduated from Bishop Carroll High School and is going on to attend the University of Saskatchewan in the fall of 2016 where he hopes to continue his activism and support for the LGBTQ community. Colbys passion for the safety and well being of LGBTQ peoples has not only led him to construct a safe space within his school community but across the province of Alberta as well. This desire has led Colby to formally contact and confer with his local and provincial representatives within the Calgary City Council and the Alberta Legislature in order to establish a healthy dialogue about the safety and protection of LGBTQ individuals.