Meet Cameron Litowski


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Cameron is a scholar, a volunteer, a mathematician, and a leader.

Cameron is the founder and president of his school district’s first and only QSA, along with other projects. He fought endlessly to have his QSA and is proud of its current achievements. Cameron is also the co-founder of the Education 4 Generations organization. Their mission is to educate all generations on how to promote mental wellness through education, including specifics for LGBTQ youth. The group presented this idea to 400 members at the Rotary 5360 conference, successfully winning a $1000 grant. Cameron also works with the Central Alberta Pride Society, in which he continues to work for acceptance and inclusivity of the LGBTQ community in Central Alberta. He also is currently helping with the Alberta Liberals’ appearance at Calgary Pride this year.

One of Cameron’s ongoing goals is to represent the LGBTQ communities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. He wants to help others be who they are in this space.

Cameron believes that every single person has the ability to succeed, and he wants to help more people realize that. While Cameron has had struggles in his life, these problems now manifest as nothing but fuel for his motivation. Cameron knows that helping others is his life passion. Cameron wants to use his skills, talents, and abilities to help others throughout his life.