10 LGBTQ-Themed Movies to Watch This Halloween

It's that time of year! Everything is pumpkin flavored, apples appear in every store and the TV is full of gory, terrifying movies and television specials. As you're getting ready for the season (perhaps picking out a costume or sneaking pieces of candy?) you might want to get into the spirit with some LGBTQ-themed halloween movies!

    1.     Rocky Horror Picture Show: This is an old cult classic often played on college campus's the Saturday closest to Halloween. Featuring gay tones and an interesting amount of drag, it's still a popular movie years after it's debut. Don't expect too many scares from this, however, as it's one of the most fantastically campy movies I've ever seen. But for many it is a Halloween         tradition. So grab your toast and prepare to do the time warp!

2.     Deadline: For people much more into psychological horror films, this movie will be much more your style. It is a bit like a psychological murder mystery that will leave you guessing until the very end.

3.     The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror: It sounds awful because, to be quite honest, it is pretty bad. It's the type of horror movie that is so terrible it's funny. I recommend this for a little bit of gore, possibly a few scares and maybe a few laughs too.

4.     ParaNorman: Halloween doesn't always have to be scary, right? ParaNorman has a good message about treating people people fairly and features one of the very first openly gay characters (albeit, not a main character) in children's animation. It's a nice, fun movie you might enjoy watching with younger family members.

5.    Wrong Turn 4: If you like your movies with an excess amount of gore, this is the movie for you. It features a lesbian couple in the main cast, cannibals and an abandoned mental asylum. Warning, however, that this movie is rated R so if you are too young (or your parents don't approve of it) this may not be the movie for you.{cke_protected_1}{cke_protected_2}

6.    Hellbent: What's Halloween without a slasher movie? This movie, featuring a masked killer, fixates on gay men in West Hollywood. It has all the things you might look for in a slasher movie and it's LGBTQA theme make it a perfect addition to this list! Once again, however, the movie is rated 'R' so be sure you're allowed to watch it before you go looking.

7.     Rose Red: This is one of my favorite scary movies (well, technically a mini-series) and has been since it came out in 2002. It's a haunted house story created by the one and only Stephen King and has interesting gay undertones. One of the house's victims is implied to have been homosexual (and fired for it) while the relationship between Ellen and her servant have been interpreted by some as being more than platonic. It's a very good story and one I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good scare.

8.   Jennifer's Body: This movie is one about demonic possession and includes murder, bloodshed and some good scares. It features an onscreen kiss between two girls (one of them being the demon) and is just you're typical B horror movie. However, because of sexual themes (and an R rating) I can only suggest this movie for older teens and young adults.

9. Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows: Not the found footage style of movie like its predecessor but still a decent scare for some. It's based around the same town as the first movie but with an entirely different cast. It may not be an Oscar winner but the explanation at the end redeems many of its pitfalls.

10.  American Horror Story: I know, I know, this isn't actually a movie; it's a TV show. But how could I make a list of LGBTQA halloween cinema without including this? If you haven't seen this show, it is definitely a must. Creepy, well crafted and with well developed LGBTQA characters it definitely deserves it's accolades. There are three seasons completed, each with a different story, and the fourth season has just started. If you want a good scare for Halloween, this may be just what you need.