Meet Ben Winn

Benn Winn 2

Ben is focused on and dedicated to highlighting aspects of the LGBTQ community that are not normally emphasized.

After graduating with a commerce degree from Mount Allison, Ben moved back to Toronto, where he became a fellow at Venture for Canada and immersed himself in startups and entrepreneurship. Joining this community led to Ben becoming involved with Start Proud, an organization dedicated to empowering members of the LGBTQ community to be Canada’s future leaders, encouraging inclusiveness within the workplace and diversity within the workforce.

Currently, Ben is on the founding team for Venture Out; Canada’s first ever conference for LGBTQ in tech and entrepreneurship. Through Venture Out, Ben has not only been able to combine the two worlds he is most involved in, but has also been able to scale his original mission of opening minds and highlighting the vast diversity that exists within the LGBTQ community.

Ben looks forward to continuing this mission forward through events, initiatives, and community involvement.